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AVERT Face Masks – The Future of Face Protection.

Avert Futures Styles – 2020 FaceMask

AVERT Face Masks are fitted, comfortable and feature 10 layers of isolation filtration. Engineered for your safety, respiratory health and peace of mind, while continually setting trends in a changing world.

AVERT masks prevent dust, smog, air pollution and provide effective filtration down to 0.3 micron particulate at 95% efficiency. Stay safe, and stylish, in any social situation with our fresh 2020 design.

AVERT Face Masks also include additional filtration pads with activated carbon cotton for increased breathability while maintaining 95% filtration efficiency. Coupled with our unique adjustable nose bridge, the masks are ultra comfortable! (and usable for people with glasses!).

Our masks can be cleaned, reused and removable PM2.5 Filter replaced at any time. AVERT Face Masks are made of soft cotton composited into unique a unique fabric cut – suitable for all adult face sizes.

*AVERT are for serious operators, and adults only, these masks will not fit children or child sizes faces.

Stay cool, stay safe, AVERT risks at all costs.


1. Made of soft cotton with ten layers of isolation.

2. Preventing all dust, smog and other air pollution, the vehicle emits smoke and sandy air, and the effective filtration degree for 0.3 micron particles is over 95%, ensuring your respiratory health.

3. Advanced reusable carbon activated cotton mask match’s your skin’s breathability needs.

4. The mask can be cleaned and reused, and the PM2.5 filter can be replaced at any time.

5. The part near nose bridge can be adjusted so that everyone can wear more comfortable and prevent the glasses from fogging when wearing glasses.


Material: Cotton and activated carbon layer

Up To Ten layers of detailed protective surface: outer cotton layer, non-woven fabric layer, meltblown fabric layer, non-woven fabric layer, inner layer cotton fabric layer, spunbond fabric layer, filter layer, activated carbon layer, filter layer, spunbond fabric layer.

Size: common adult sizes

AVERT Respirator with PM2.5 Filtration + Valve



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Weight 0.032 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 20.5 × 1.5 cm

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