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Level up with Flow Tray!

Flow Tray is the hydroponic drainage system we’ve always wanted! Sturdy, adjustable, and incredibly effective – this allows for clean uniformity and perfection in hydroponic pot systems! Perfect for use with coco-coir, soil or hydroponic systems, the Flow Tray has been designed for maximum drainage, plug-and-play setup, alongside durability for re-use and cleaning practicality!

Flow Tray have removable legs with height adjustable capacity, setting your garden to the desired height to maximise your cultivation space.

Featuring a unique run-off moisture capture zone allowing you to quickly test the performance of your fertigation solution, and drainage slots suited to every single pot design!

Our Flow Trays are made in two sizes:

  • 15.5″ Flow Tray – Suitable up to a 50L pot
  • 22″ Flow Tray – Suitable up to a 95L pot


*Replacement / Height adjustment legs sold individually (1 piece)

Available now via all leading retailers.

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15.5", 22", LEG – (SINGLE ITEM)

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