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Plant Mechanics provides the tools for incredible results in your garden! Our new release ’Starter Kit’ includes all of our performance additives, alongside our unique hardware and solutions to protect vital garden parts.
This Starter Kit allows you to economically include our Plant Mechanics additives into any garden, fine tuning your room for enhanced performance!


The Starter Kit has been carefully assembled with our four superstar additives (SuperSi, SuperN+, MegaPK and Root BoosterV2) packed into our unique cooler bag.
We understand the needs of our growers and so have also included bonus sun glasses, stubby holder, hypoallergenic microfibre towel, keyring/bottle opener, measuring cup and our informative feed guide and information pamphlet.

  • Plant Mechanics 6 Can Cooler Bag
  • SuperSi 20mL
  • Root Booster 250mL
  • SuperN+ 250mL
  • Mega PK 250mL
  • Polarised Sunglasses
  • Stubby Holder
  • Hypoallergenic Microfibre Towel
  • Keyring/Bottle Opener
  • Measuring Cup
  • Feed Guide

Plant Mechanics Additives work alongside ANY existing base nutrient or soil cultivation approach.
Simply include these additives alongside your existing coco coir, peat, hydroponic or soil cultivation strategy, and see the results as you increase the yield and potency in your crops.

Fine Tune Your Room with Plant Mechanics Starter Kit

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