1. Test and Troubleshooting in-store to verify customer issue
2. Document your findings using our return forms (Online & Manual)
3. Process return within a reasonable timeframe
4. Pack and return to Stealth in adequate protective packaging
        – Include labelled information with:
        – Supplied Return Order Number (RMA#)
        – Name of store
        – List items being returned and specific fault
        – Troubleshooting that you have done

Doing this will ensure a quick turnaround on the product
return/repair or replacement.


1. Verify fault and sender of items
2. Our technical team troubleshoot returns within a 7-14 day timeframe
3. Our Sales team communicates the findings to your store
4. If the product is deemed in working order, it will be returned to the store.

Mistaken warranty claims will be incurred at the cost of the retailer.

Watch the Stealth Garden returns tutorial below:

Additional rules & regulations with website Return's form procedure

1. All returns must be from the original store they were purchased from.
a. Stealth Garden will not accept returns from stores who were not the original point of sale.

2. Upon receiving an order, customers have 24 hours to notify Stealth of any missing or damaged items. After this time, the order will be deemed correct. We will not take responsibility for missing or damaged items after this period.
        a. It is the store’s responsibility to notify Stealth promptly if any items are missing or damaged during transit.
        b. If there is a discrepancy, photo evidence must be provided of the condition of the delivery, including but not limited to damage or tampering of goods.
        c. Stealth does not take responsibility for items damaged by freight companies. We will however do our best to reach fair agreements if damage to stock does occur during delivery.

3. No returns will be accepted without prior approval from Stealth Garden.
        a. All returns must be logged on the appropriate digital form before they can be processed.
        b. Please email for the appropriate returns form.

4. Once an item for return has been logged and Stealth Garden has assessed it, then we will communicate whether it needs to be sent back to Stealth Garden headquarters for further investigation and repairs.
        a. Please do not send items back to Stealth HQ until stealth has told you that it should be sent back.
        b. Do not send items back unless you have entered them into the digital returns form.

5. All Warranties are manufacturers’ warranties, not Stealth Garden’s. Stealth Garden will operate in good faith, in resolving and helping with returns but is not responsible nor can we fulfil external manufacturers’ warranties.
        a. Return warranties should be lodged with their respective manufacturer.

6. Warranties will not be honoured if proper care and operational procedures have not been followed.
        a. Stealth will not assist with returns if basic operational procedures have not been followed (items have been left to dry out, lights have bugs inside of them, water has been spilled on lights etc)
        b. Stealth will not assist with returns if any illegal material is present on the item.

7. The customer will pay for freight back to Stealth Garden headquarters.
        a. Stealth Garden will pay for the return freight back to the customer. This will be attached to the next order, after repairs and returns have been completed.
        b. The customer also has the option to drop it off themselves, or wait until a representative from stealth can pick it up.

8. Trim machines (Trimmers)
        a. Stealth Garden will not accept any machines that are dirty or have plant material on them under any circumstances.
        b. All trimmers come with a 3 month warranty.
        c. After the warranty period has expired machines may be serviced or repaired for an inspection/service fee of $200.
                i. Spare parts will cost additional money to replace and install.
                ii. Stores will be invoiced for the inspection/service fee and any additional spare parts.