The S-One has landed!

Copy that ground control!! HI-PAR Sunstorm S-One is now available in Australia! The unique Sunstorm raw power compiled into a single all-in-one luminaire! The HI-PAR Sunstorm kit has gained notoriety as the best 315w CMH lighting solution for indoor gardeners.

Providing increased energy efficiency & savings, while improving resin and essential oil production; the Sunstorm has been our most popular lighting kit, ever!

The S-One integrates our unique square-wave ballast & premium capacitors into a single unit, while maintaining the ultra-reflectivity of the existing Sunstorm technology. The feedback we have received on the S-One 315w CMH trial units has been fantastic, customers are finding increased production per watt, and drastically improved essential oil and resin production! 315w units are also essential for combatting extreme summer temperatures, with drastically less heat output than traditional 600w fixtures!

The S-One is available through select retailers, contact us for more details!