Stealth gets spicy with WACSE!

The July WACSE event on the 16th of this month was a saucy event! The Western Australian Chilli Seed Exchange group meets several times per year to share chilli genetics, swap sauces and spicy treats, cook delicious feasts and generally have some good banter!

Heath and Tom were sent over to demonstrate some of the newest product ranges from HI-PAR Lighting, House & Garden and AVERT bags. We had a great time chatting about some hot topics with the locals, and left with several kilograms of jerky to enjoy over the following week in Perth, WA.

Thank you to Ken at Reptile & Grow Store for hosting the event, and to the entire WACSE for their kind hospitality! We had such a great time with everyone and I’m absolutely craving some of your spicy sauces back home!

Learn more about WACSE here

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Cheers team!