The Sydney HHI Expo 2017!

Over the past weekend Sydney saw thousands of enthusiasts flock to Rosehill Racecourse Convention Centre for the 2017 Hemp, Health & Innovation Expo. More than 300 exhibitors demonstrated an incredible array of products and services over two days as multiple industries aligned for a powerful cause.

The second annual HHI Expo provided a chance for cannabisness to primarily demonstrate their products but also to network with colleagues. With products ranging from electric hemp skateboards to facial care creams, legal services and a wide variety of gardening technology and supplies; the expo catered to a massive audience.

Stealth Garden team members traveled from South Australia and Victoria to present our freshly launched 2017 catalogue. We were excited to include Christian from Current Culture H2O (USA) an Tua from Bluelab (NZ) in our weekend adventures!

After a huge team effort setting up our 6m x 6m monster stand and 6m x 3m Agri-Tech hub display centre, we were prepared for the weekend!

It was truly humbling to meet so many aficionados for our products and wares; we really enjoyed chatting to the thousands of people that visited our stall. Please feel free to post images to our social media wearing our stylish new apparel!

Overall it was a beautiful weekend and the whole event was smoothly organised and professionally run. Thank you to the many organisers and helpful hands that made such an enjoyable experience for our entire team.

Our full album from the expo can be viewed on our Facebook page here:


Here’s a few sneaky snaps from the weekend: